About Us

In 2020, Scott Mervis founded The Top Hopper LLC.  He is a sports fanatic that ran an AAU basketball program for several years.  He decided to purchase a vertical jump measuring device to find out the vertical jump heights of his athletes for recruiting purposes.  After purchasing the two most common vertical jump measuring devices on the market, he returned them and made one himself.  He was not happy with the accuracy, durability or ease of use with the two devices he purchased.  He began getting requests from several people to build one for them.  Shortly after, he decided to investigate the business opportunity to design, manufacture and sell a vertical jump measuring device.  In 2017, he decided to design and build the best vertical jump measuring device on the market.  After over 4 years of design improvements and testing, he launched the product in July of 2022........The Top Hopper TH1000 Measuring Device.