The BEST vertical jump measuring device on the market today. The Top Hopper is heavily engineered to be far superior than any other adjustable device.

The company name originated from the red kangaroo. The red kangaroo is the highest jumping mammal in the world jumping as high as 9'8". This is why The Top Hopper mascot is the red kangaroo.

It is an athlete that has demonstrated a remarkable ability to “HOP”.

Any male athlete that has a maximum vertical jump of 40 inches or higher

Any female athlete that has a maximum vertical jump of 32 inches or higher

These TOP HOPPERS will have their videos uploaded on The Top Hopper website and Instagram. They will also be qualified to purchased the “Gold” Top Hopper shirt.

It was designed by a very athletic mechanical engineer that has used the other products on the market. He wanted to design a better product and sell it to consumers at a reasonable price. The most important characteristics of any vertical jump measuring device are reproducibility, accuracy and reliability. The Top Hopper was designed with this in mind.

The vertical jump test is the most widely used and the most important assessment of lower body power and explosiveness. The height of an athlete’s vertical jump is synonymous to their athleticism. Athletes, trainers, coaches and recruiters know how important the ability to jump high is. This is why athletes spend a lot of time trying to maximize the height of their vertical jump. The Top Hopper is designed specifically for progressively and repetitively challenging an athlete’s ability to maximize his/hers vertical jump and fast twitch muscle capabilities. Athletes purchase a variety of equipment like jump shoes, weight lifting equipment, and often hire personal trainers to help them increase the height of the vertical jump. So, each athlete needs a measuring device to accurately measure the height of their vertical jump…….The Top Hopper!!!

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It is simple. If an athlete can jump high then they are athletic. If the athlete is a “Top Hopper” then they are very athletic and will most likely excel at their sport. Athletes are always looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage and boost their athletic performance. Every athlete would like to know the height of their vertical jump. Their goal from there is to increase the height of their vertical jump through precise training and exercise. The Top Hopper is the best device to measure and track improvements.

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