Conducting the Vertical Jump Test

Please follow the instructions below to perform the vertical jump test.
  1. Ensure the jumping surface is safe and free from debris, moisture or oil.
  2. Set the device up correctly, based on the mounting device you are using.
  3. Once the setup is complete, use the adjustment rod and pull down on the eye bolt to lower the measuring device
  4. Stand flat footed underneath the indicators
  5. Reach up with one hand and touch the indicator the highest from the ground.
  6. Record the number on the indicator you can touch (This is your baseline measurement)
  7. Use the adjustment rod and push up to retract the measuring device.
  8. Decide on what type of vertical jump
  9. Jump and "TAP" the indicators at the apex of your jump
  10. Use the adjustment rod to move the indicators that were struck
  11. Repeat the jump as many times as required to get the best jump
  12. Record the number from the highest indicator that was tapped
  13. Subtract that number from the baseline number….That is the height of your vertical jump
  14. Complete


Maximize Your Vertical Jump: