TH500 Measuring Device Gen 2
TH500 Measuring Device Gen 2
TH500 Measuring Device Gen 2
TH500 Measuring Device Gen 2

TH500 Measuring Device Gen 2

Regular price $999.99

The Top Hopper TH500 Measuring Device has become the "STANDARD" for measuring vertical jump height.  The TH500 is designed to deliver the most accurate, reliable and reproducible measurements on the market today.  It will adjust from 5 feet (60 inches) to 12' 3 1/2" (147.5 inches) from the ground.  Since the measuring capability is entirely built into the TH500, any mounting system can be used.  You can make your own custom mounting system or purchase one of four mounts (Wall Mount, Floor Stand, Basketball Rim Mount, Extender), which are sold separately.  All items are serviceable and can be easily replaced. The Top Hopper Measuring Device is delivered 100% assembled.  It includes everything you see in the pictures.  In the retracted position, the dimensions are 34" Tall x 12" Wide x 2.5" Deep.

Color Options:

ORANGE and GREY plastic indicators - $999.99 (stocked item)

BLACK and GREY plastic indicators - $1099.99 (stocked item)

RED and GREY plastic indicators - $1099.99 (stocked item)

RED and BLACK plastic indicators - $1099.99 (stocked item)

CUSTOM COLOR and GREY plastic indicators - $1299.99 (90-day lead time)

CUSTOM COLOR and CUSTOM COLOR plastic indicators - $1599.99 (90-day lead time)

Contact for custom colors.  Discounts available on bulk orders.

INDICATOR ASSEMBLY VIDEO: Convert your TH1000 into a TH500 by replacing the TH1000 1 inch plastic indicators with the TH500 1/2" plastic indicators.

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